Innovative R&D
Environmental Protection

Apple is striving on Creativity and Innovation. Creativity starting with understanding of consumer’s value, markets insight and user experience of products. Innovation results in creative programs, cutting-edge technologies and prospective products.


R&D Team
By taking advantage of flavor, fragrance and raw materials research as a base, our R&D team is emplying flavorists, perfumers and scientists to support basic researches on natural flavorings, aroma chemicals, biotechnological raw materials, natural food ingredients, engineering processes, analytical technologies, flavor preparation technologies and regulations.

Innovative R&D
Quality & Safety
Jiangxi Apple Green Factory

R&D strength

Apple is putting highest priority on ‘safety and environmental protection, creation and innovation’ and spends approximately 4~6% of total sales on R&D.

Our investments in R&D center and National Postdoctoral Research Program have provided our experts with advanced facilities, appropriate management of technology and performance assessment and a platform of creative works and technology innovation.

Apple is equipped with advanced analytical instruments, research facilities and analytical database of raw materials

Apple is involved in joint R&D with academia and collaborative work with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jiangnan University, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Ocean University and many others.

Our scientists with expertise and professional backgrounds are inspired by nature and technology and continue efforts to develop creative and innovative products in accordance with environmental conservation and product safety.

Apple is becoming a company committed to manufacture and develop varieties of flavors, fragrances and raw materials in domestic industry.

Intellectual Properties

Apple strives to support its creativity and innovation by science and technology, and designs state-of-the-art technologies with independent intellectual properties.